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Payella Two-factor Authentication (2FA) User Guide

We strongly believe that the security of your Payella account should be a priority. This is the reason why we have now made available a 2-step verification, which will become another layer of protection, making sure your money is always safe.

How It Works

The sign in process will now become slightly different:

1. The system will request you to enter your usual password.
2. After that, you will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) via our mobile app.
3. As soon as you receive the OTP, you will be required to enter it and click “Verify” in order to confirm your login to the account.

The payment issuance process will also be slightly different:

If you enable OTP Two-factor Authentication, you won’t need your Transaction Verification Code anymore. As soon as OTP 2FA is enabled, you will be able to send payments with the help of OTP, which will be sent to your mobile device.


There are two ways of enabling 2FA for your Payella Account – via the Payella Web Platform (Web Client Office) and via Payella Mobile Applications (Mobile Client Office).

Web Platform Activation:

1. Sign in to the Web Client Office via web browser and sign in to your Mobile Client Office.
2. Go to My Profile > Sign in & Security > click “Enable” button on Two-factor Authentication. You will have to confirm Two-factor Authentication activation on your mobile device.
3. Sign in to Payella mobile app. Find a notification from Payella on your mobile device and simply tap the “Enable” button. Please, read the information carefully and then tap the “Done” button.
4. You have enabled 2FA for your Payella account!

Mobile Application Activation:

1. Sign in to your Payella mobile app using your password. 2. Go to My Profile > Two-factor Authentication > Tap the “Enable” button. Please read the information carefully and tap the “Done” button. 3. You have enabled 2FA for your Payella account!

Please note:

In case you use your Payella app on several devices, you will initially have to choose a “master device” and enable 2FA on it, so that it becomes a “trusted device”. Performing actions such as transfers and card top-ups can be done without 2FA confirmation.

However, you will have to confirm the transfers and card top-ups that you initiate from “untrusted devices” through 2FA. An OTP will be sent to your “trusted device” for the purpose of completing the proper steps.


There is only one way of disabling 2FA for your Payella Account – via Payella Web Platform (Web Client Office).

Web Platform Deactivation:

1. Sign in to the Web Client Office via a web browser.
2. Go to My Profile > Sign in & Security > Click the “Disable” button > Confirm your action with the OTP code sent to your mobile device.
3. You have successfully deactivated 2FA for your Payella Account!

Please note:

We strongly recommend you don’t deactivate 2FA without a substantial reason.

Why Is It Useful?

2FA serves as an extra layer of security

Having only one layer, which is a password, cannot prevent certain risks and security breaches. With 2FA you may be sure that any potential hacking attempts will be detected and disrupted immediately.

2FA will give you an opportunity to protect your Payella account with the help of not simply your password, but also the special security key. The latter will be issued on a one-time basis. You will be able to access it through our mobile app and only use it once.

Additional notes:

For Android users: In case you have to reinstall the Payella mobile app on your device, please disable 2FA on your account. After that, reinstall the app and enable 2FA on the device again. If you reinstall Payella app without disabling 2FA, you will have reset the settings of the “master device”. You will have to contact customer support in order to restore access to your account and disable 2FA.

For iOS users: There is no need to disable the 2FA on your device when reinstalling the Payella app. All the technical settings are tied to your Apple ID.

If your trusted device has been stolen or lost, please give an immediate call to our customer support, so that your account can be temporarily suspended.