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Documents you will need to open a Business account with Payella


Online application form


High-quality colored scan of the passport or national ID

Format requirements: .pdf or .png, white background, no cropping (all areas and corners must be clearly visible)


Proof of address (any utility bill issued within 90 days prior to application submission), and a bank reference letter or bank statement translated into English or Lithuanian


Detailed description of your business, including the source of funds, link to the website, information about tentative incoming and outgoing transfers (geographies and amounts), countries you plan to conduct business with, marketing material (business cards, brochures, presentation etc.)


Corporate documentation: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Appointment of directors and shareholders, Certificate of Good Standing/Incumbency (for companies incorporated more than 1 year prior to the application submission), any other relevant corporate document, depending on the country of registration


Supporting documentation regarding clients and suppliers (invoices, contracts, draft contracts)


Supporting documentation regarding the initial funding (if the transfer was made from an existing bank, please submit a bank statement; if the transfer came from your partner, please submit an invoice or a contract)


Live video verification process

The scan of the ID (front and back) will be accepted only from citizens or residents of the EU or EEA.